About Me


Born in 1990 and largely self taught, Steven Millage has been carving his career as an illustrator since 2013. Shaping his trademark look with hard lines and splattered ink, he thrives for energy and believable motion. Some of Steven's current projects include sci-fi comic Ring Masters, an untitled Children's Book project, as well as various other upcoming and exciting projects that we cannot disclose information on at this time. 
Steven has a wide variety to his work, as he is a multi-talented growing artist.  A personal favorite is working with musical acts doing album and merchandise graphics, and he enjoys playing with humor and a gruesome overtone. While he works on building a larger commission clientele, he is always looking for ways to mold his craft and has expanded into other artistic expressions and unique projects. If interested in hiring Steven Millage for a commission or an artist appearance please visit our contact page.